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[Fanfiction Post Number Two]

Author: Anna ([info]winterfeelings)
Title: Of princesses and Gods.
Rating: K+
Pairing: Aizen/Orihime, Grimmjow
Warnings: Light cursing (Grimmjow), crack.
Summary: Short snippets of Orihime's life in Las Noches with Aizen.
Made for: The Halloween trick or treat meme. scarlite  dared me to write these, and here they are.
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or the characters, only this story.



Orihime stared blankly at her cup of tea. She was already unhappy about being in Hueco Mundo and now she was forced to drink that tea like all the other Espada? If she didn't know that Aizen wouldn't kill her, she would think that it was actually poisoned.

"Yes, Orihime?"

He stared at her, copying her expression. He knew that she would be reluctant on drinking the tea, but she would end up doing it anyway. Especially if he threatened her friends some more just so she would do it. He just didn't feel like wasting more of his time with that, so he would just wait and see.

"Do I have to--"

"Yes, you do."

She wrinkled her nose but brought the cup to her lips and drank it. It tasted good.


Orihime wrapped her arms around the taller man that stood beside her. Both of them were convinced that they would just do it as a whim. There weren't any feelings involved and there shouldn't be. He was a powerful man, full of goals and wills and she was a broken young woman who only wanted her friends to be safe.

"Will I stay with you forever?"

She asked it as if she wanted to her a yes, yet the only thing that she wanted was to know if there were still any hopes of seeing her friends again. She at least wanted to say goodbye to them.

"As long as it is necessary."

He gave a convict smile and she buried her face in his chest, holding back a sob.

"Thank you...."


"I ain't eatin' that shit!"

The blue haired Espada sprinted across the halls of Las Noches while a certain female chased him, using all her speed to try and catch up.

"Wait, Grimmjow-san! Don't you want to at least prove it?"

"No! Get this crap outta here, woman!"

They kept running and causing a ruckus until they felt a pulse of reiatsu so strong that they were forced to stop. The owner of said reiatsu quickly stepped in between them, carrying a serious expression.

"Grimmjow. Orihime. I would like to know what is happening here."

The ones whose names were called tensed up at that. They mumbled for a while before Orihime showed Aizen the plate that she was holding.

"Aizen-sama, I wanted Grimmjow to prove my new dish, but he doesn't want to!"

"Of course I don't. That shit stin--"

"Grimmjow, stay silent. What is this, Orihime?"

"Smashed potatoes with grape sauce, rice, an egg roll filled with pudding cream and slices of fish decorated with apple seeds."

Aizen tried his best not to make a disgusted face as he heard the description. Grimmjow, on the other side was pretending to be throwing up.

"Well....You clearly do not have to worry about food supply here, Orihime. I would gently advise you to stop cooking. As for this one...." he took the plate from her hands. "....I will use it in case any of the Arrancar have a bad behavior."

"You're dismissed."

He walked away and left the two others staring at nothing, still clearly confused.


She always wondered why there was never a mirror in her room. They wanted her to feel comfortable yet, they refused to provide her a mere looking glass. She could swear that she saw one as soon as she had arrived in Las Noches, but in the next day it was gone.

And since Orihime was a curious girl, she went to inquire Aizen about that. He refused to answer. She did the same thing in the next day and got the same result. Only after one week of insistently asking, she finally got her answer.

"I do not want you to see how you look like. Because you would want to change. And I like you the way you are."

After that, she never asked again. Maybe it was a good reason, after all.


"Inoue-sama...You are so beautiful...Just your presence already brightens my mood up..."

"Don't say that, S-Sousuke... You are probably j-just doing it to please me."

Orihime looked down at the man sprawled on the floor below her, clinging to her ankle. She was wearing the robes that usually pertained to him. They clearly didn't fit since he was larger than her in many senses. However, Aizen was not using her clothes for obvious reasons; instead he just took one of the Arrancar uniforms to himself.

She was clearly nervous and that was proved when she reached a shaky hand to place on his head as if wanting him to look up.

"R-Release me, Sousuke. You are not worth of t-touching a woman like me."

"But Inoue-sama...." he looked at her with an expression that could be able to break anyone's heart. "...I love you."

The girl blushed heavily at those words and backed away sharply, consequently getting free of his hold.

"Aizen-sama....I think I am not good with this role playing thing."

"Do not worry.."

He stood up, brushing the dirt off his clothes.

"We have a long time to practice."

Tags: !fanfiction, character:aizen, character:grimmjow, character:orihime, fandom:bleach, genre:crack, genre:gen, genre:humor, genre:meme, genre:romance, pairing:aizen/orihime, rating:k+, sexuality:het

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