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[Fanfiction Post Number Five]

Author: Anna (wet )
Title: The Outsider
Rating: T leaning towards M
Characters/Pairings: TYL!1827 (TYL!Hibari/TYL!Tsuna) with appearances of all the guardians and Reborn
Warnings: Sexual themes, some violence.
Summary: Hibari has been left out again.
Made for: riznao for the fics meme.
Disclaimer: I don't own KHR or the characters, only this story.


Once again, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Tenth boss of the Vongola Family was holding a meeting with his fellow guardians.

Once again, Hibari Kyouya, the Guardian of Cloud was left out of it. Someone was definitely going to be bitten to death.

Hibari could care less about the first five times that it happened, but this was already going overboard. He has always been the strongest among all the other guardians, yet they just seemed to forget about his existence most of the times. But of course, Tsunayoshi wouldn’t forget about it in bed. Whenever he was horny he would always come to Hibari instead of any of the others. What a boss, indeed.

He decided to wait outside, his glare practically piercing the large wooden door. Tsuna’s office was sound-proof so there was no way that he would be able to catch any fragment of the conversation. The reunion seemed to last forever. He wondered what they could be discussing, and it only let him more nervous since he couldn’t expose his opinion as well.

When he was at his limit, about to return to his room he heard a click on the door and it opened all of sudden as the guardians started to leave the office one by one. It almost scared him. Almost. All of them seemed to be in a good mood, not the tense one that he expected. They all also stopped by to greet him. He felt mocked, but was polite enough to greet back. The first who left the room was Chrome, who looked more impatient than normal.

“Hibari-san!” She waved at him, smiling.

“Mist.” He casually snarled in response. Tsch, illusionists.

Right behind her, walked the grown up Lambo, holding his horns with one hand and a tissue with the other. Since he couldn’t wave with any of his hands he just nodded his head briefly for Hibari who answered with a dry “Thunder.” After him came Yamamoto and Gokudera. They were so engaged in their conversation that they barely noticed the “Rain, Storm.” that Hibari spat at them. The last one was Ryohei, who was noisy as always. At least less than when he was younger.

“Sun.” Hibari said in a mumble.

“Ah, if it’s not Hibari! Let’s go for a drink, come on, come on!” Ryohei attempted to wrap an arm around the other man’s shoulder, but the scowl that he received was enough to make him stop midway.

“Fine, fine! If you don’t want it then I won’t insist!” He pushed Yamamoto and Gokudera out of the way and left before Hibari would start an unnecessary fight.

And with all of them gone, there was only one left and that was….


“What did you say?” Hibari turned around just to see the one that he was looking for. Sawada Tsunayoshi. And from his looks, he was happier than the usual.

“I said Sky! Weren’t you calling all the guardians by their flames? I don’t want to be left out.”

At that time, Hibari wanted to rip that smile off Tsuna’s face. He didn’t do it, however he did something equally dangerous for the boss’ health. In a swift moment, he had his fingers wrapped tightly around Tsuna’s throat. The smile was gone immediately, being replaced by wide eyes and a gasp.

“Hi…ba…ri….What…?” Tsuna tried to speak but it was quite hard when he was being strangled. He didn’t want to do anything that could hurt his partner but he couldn’t just stay there defenseless either. Ah, if only Reborn was there…

“Your life ends here, Tsunayoshi.” He was really serious.

“Wait….Tell me what’s…wrong.” He gasped for air once again, trying to free himself from the other’s tight grip.

At those words, Hibari finally released his boss, but before the latter could do anything else he pushed him back to the office and locked the door behind them.

“Hibari…Tell me what’s wrong.” Tsuna repeated himself now with a much softer look in his eyes.

“What have you been doing with them?”

“…Them? Oh! Meetings Hibari, meetings. Didn’t I already tell you?”

The taller man —who wasn’t that much taller than Tsuna anymore— tried his best to keep his self-control. He wasn’t jealous. Of course not. Definitely not. Who would be? Certainly not him.

“If you don’t consider me a legit guardian I’ll just withdraw. It’s not like I need any of you.”

“Who said anything about that?! Hmmm….” he made a thoughtful expression before immediately smiling again, even though what had just happened. “…maybe Hibari is upset because I never let him be part of the meetings?”

He was waiting for an answer, but instead found his back against the nearest wall with Hibari pressed up against him. He could already feel the heat and the tension between their bodies. Rather than trying to get away, he closed his eyes and leaned back so his head was propped against the wall.

Hibari, on the other side wanted to strangle his boss again and as he watched those actions the wish just increased. Some thing must have happened to him though, because he didn’t do anything. He just stood there, pressed against the other and staring. After a long silence he spoke again.

“…Hyper intuition?”

“Oh.” Tsuna opened his eyes again to stare curiously at Hibari’s dark gray ones. “No, not that. I just know you well enough, Hibari. After so many years that is the least that I could do.”

“Tsunayoshi. That is all you’ve got to say?”

“Well…I don’t understand though. I tell you everything beforehand. I thought you didn’t want to hear the same thing twice?”

“You omit details from me.”

“Who told you such thing?”

No answer.

“You never asked them did you? I don’t omit anything. It’s a pity that you still think that I am this kind of man, Hibari.”


“Then what? That is all there’s to it. If Hibari is going to be mad at me, then there’s nothing that I can do about it.” He paused and stared at the floor for a few minutes before returning his glance to Hibari’s, with eyes as bright as ever. The eyes of a grown man who knew very well how to handle his Family. “The truth is that Hibari is almost always complaining about crowds since he was sixteen. I thought that it would be the best thing to do for his sake. I don’t want him to be prejudiced just because of duties. My job is not only to protect my Family, but to make sure that they are always happy. And if anything happens I, as the Sky will do what it takes to restore the harmony.”

Hibari was speechless, if that was even possible. He had a jealousy attack, but it turned out that Tsuna was just doing those things because of him. And now, after that speech he wasn’t sure of what to do or say. He wasn’t the kind of man who would apologize, but he just couldn’t let it be.

“Tsunayoshi I-“

But he was cut by Tsuna’s finger on his lips. The boss hadn’t finished talking.

“You should have talked to me if you had a problem, Hibari. I know that it would be asking too much of you, but it’s better than taking your own conclusions isn’t it?”

“And…” he continued “…do you want to know which was the subject of today’s meeting? I don’t think I’ve told you yet.”

Hibari emitted a slight growl.

“If you are going to say it, then say it at once.”

Tsuna didn’t say it. However, he reached for his pocket with some difficulty since their bodies were still pressed against each other and pulled a small ring box and opened it. It wasn’t a flame ring.

“A proposal ring?” Hibari looked at the ring as if it had little arms and legs and it was about to leap onto his finger.

“I want to maintain a steady relationship with you, Hibari. Not only a ‘fuck partner’, putting it roughly.”

“Tsunayoshi…” He blinked once. If he said that it was unexpected it would be an understatement. “I will refuse for now.”

“Eeeh?” This time was Tsuna’s turn to blink. “I was so sure that you would accept. Oh well….we can never please everyone can we?”

“That’s not it. I just don’t think I’m ready for this kind of commitment.” He gave a soft sigh and took the box from Tsuna’s hands, closed it and put it back in the other’s pocket. “As for the steady relationship…as long as you become exclusively mine, I have no complaints.”

“I won’t be the one to object. I will try again in a few years, then.” He smiled brightly at the other, completely forgetting about the previous events and just concentrating on both of them.

Hibari grinned down at him in response and finally did what they have been waiting for so long to do. In a rough movement he pulled Tsuna’s body flush against his own and wrapped his arms around his shoulders as their lips crashed against each other without hesitation. Soon Tsuna found a tongue flicking against his lips and conceded entrance most immediately, as the kiss got deeper.

Since they were so close to each other, both of them could feel that they were getting hard at a fast pace. Hibari moved his hips in a sudden motion, grinding hard against Tsuna. The two of them moaned at the awesome sensation that it provoked. Hibari repeated the action and they moaned again, having to break the kiss for a few seconds. Tsuna took the chance to speak.


The other man understood and proceeded to loosen his own tie while Tsuna did the same thing. In all honesty they wanted to rip them apart, but those clothes were expensive. Once they were both shirtless, Hibari guided Tsuna to the office’s large desk and made him lay down there, knocking a ton of random objects and paperwork in the process. “Not again”, Tsuna thought slightly annoyed at that but his thoughts were interrupted when Hibari’s mouth found a nipple.

“H-Hibariii!” He shut his eyes tightly, losing all possible coherence.

Hibari sucked and licked the small bud while twisting and pinching the other, then inverted the actions only earning more moans and shivers from Tsuna. What a skilled tongue. Not yet satisfied, he moved up to Tsuna’s neck to bite down on Tsuna’s most sensible spot. Tsuna had to do the impossible to suppress a scream. He was already dazzled from pleasure just from those few touches.

“Hibari…” He panted and moved his hand, about to reach into Hibari’s pants but a noise on the door made him stop and startled both of them. The door then opened, and a tall man appeared, wearing a fedora and holding a key chain, acting as if the scene that he was witnessing was a normal thing.

“Ciaossu. I returned earlier than I expected. Tsuna, I have reports for you.” He walked over to the desk and dropped a pile of papers next to Tsuna’s sweaty body.

“Sign them all until tomorrow.”

“R-Reborn!” Tsuna couldn’t believe that this was happening. Of all the times that Reborn had to show up…. He covered his face with both hands to try and hide the flush on his cheeks while Reborn kept speaking.

“…and don’t forget to clean the mess when you two finish. I’m not cleaning it for you, Dame-Tsuna.” Reborn waved and left the room just as he went in, closing and locking the door before returning to his own business.

Meanwhile, Hibari and Tsuna sighed simultaneously.

Way to kill the mood, Reborn.
Tags: !fanfiction, character:hibari, character:tsuna, fandom:katekyo hitman reborn, genre:meme, genre:romance, pairing:1827, rating:t, sexuality:yaoi

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