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[Fanfiction Post Number Six]

Author: Anna (wet )
Title: Drunken Christmas Eve
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Ichigo, Rangiku, mentions of Isshin and Ichigo's sisters
Warnings: OOCness caused by alcohol, alcohol comsumption, etc
Summary: Some Christmas fun with your Shinigami friend is always good.
Made for: fiercepotato for the fics meme.
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or the characters, only this story.

It came to the point that he didn't remember why she was there anymore. He could barely remember how many bottles of sake they had emptied. Was it three? Or maybe five? Either way he was a minor, he shouldn't be allowed to drink that much should he? But he could always blame Rangiku for forcing it on him.

"Raaangiku-saaan.....Enough already!"

He tried to walk towards her but ended up falling on the floor, nearly hurting himself on the other bottles. She ran to help, but just made things worse, falling on top of him. They both stared at each other for several minutes before starting to laugh loudly. Once recovered, Rangiku sat up on the floor next to Ichigo, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

"Come on Icihiigooo....Have one more driink!"

She raised her glass but Ichigo shook his head as best as he could.

"Dad...and sisters are goinnnn'.....to arrive soon. They caan't see yaa."

"But we still need to wraap the giifts!"

"Oooh." he rolled his eyes and stood up once again, walking across the room and avoiding all the bottles, eventually reaching for the roll of red wrapping paper, grabbing it and returning to where Rangiku was still sitting.

"C'mon, stand up." He mumbled, offering his hand for her. She took it without asking why and got up.

“Dad…’d love a hot girl for Christmas…..You’re the perfect one, Rangiku-saaan.” Ichigo continued, unwrapping the paper from the roll and then starting to wrap it around his fellow drinking partner.

“What are you doin’ Ichigo? Planning on….gifting me? Ahahahahaha!” She seemed upset, but couldn’t stop laughing as Ichigo continued on wrapping her clumsily. When he was done, the only part of Rangiku that was still visible was her head.

“How do I look? Lookin’ good?” She scanned the room, trying to find a mirror but there wasn’t any around. He’d have to trust Ichigo for that.

“Dad’s gonna love you. But wait a minute….”

For a moment Ichigo looked at her with a very serious expression, as if the matter actually regarded something serious.

“…dad can’t see you ‘cause you’re a Shinigami, HAHHAHAHA!” He burst out laughing, knocking off a bottle in the process which only made him laugh more.

Rangiku followed him in the laughter as soon as she understood what he had said. She wanted to move though, so she ended up ripping the paper with her arms. Ichigo didn’t complain, he was too busy laughing.

“Now….gotta take you back to Soul Society Rangiku-san. They are almost arriving.”

“But I can’t walk with this paper on me!” She said, showing the shreds of paper for emphasis. “Carry me, Ichigoooo!”

He complied without objecting. He didn’t even have enough energy to object anyway.

“Hop on my back!” Ichigo turned his back at her so she could do what he suggested.

“Okay!” She hopped on his back being careful not to break his bones with the weight. He then started carrying her downstairs and outside the house, not even being sure about why he was doing that. Once they were outside, he placed her on the floor again and stared at the dark sky.

“’ts night already…..You can go home. Merry Christmas, Rangiku-san.”

“Merry Christmas, Ichigo. I’ll buy you clothes and send them to you as a Christmas gift.”

She smiled and opened the gate to go to Soul Society, finally returning to her home and leaving Ichigo alone.

It was fine, since both of them wouldn’t remember anything anyway.
Tags: !fanfiction, character:ichigo, character:rangiku, fandom:bleach, genre:crack, genre:gen, genre:humor, genre:meme, rating:k+

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