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[Fanfiction Post Number Seven]

Author: Anna (wet )
Title: Two Clouds Can Cover The Sun
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Reborn, Hibari, TYL!Hibari, Tsuna; TYL!Hibari/Hibari, one-sided Hibari/Reborn, one-sided TYL!Hibari/Reborn
Warnings: A little bit of selfcest and violence.
Summary: It was hard to deal with one Hibari, let alone two.
Disclaimer: I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn! or the characters, only this story.

Two pairs of identical sharp dark eyes stared at each other in silence. A pair of black eyes looked up in amusement. And a pair of brown eyes was trying to find his best chance to flee from there as fast as possible.

“…Wao.” The younger Hibari finally broke the silence, walking over to his older self. “Who are you?”

“Idiot.” He flicked his counterpart’s forehead and stepped back. “I am you.”

“Oh? I don’t believe you.” He had already grabbed his tonfas and now was attempting to hit the other, who kept evading the attacks. “You better identify yourself or I’ll bite you to death.”

“H-Hey! Hibari-san…I mean…Hibari-sans? This is my house so could you please not—“ The two glares that Tsuna got for saying that, made him immediately change his plans and leave the house at light speed.

“Tsuna! Hey, Tsuna! Come back here!” Reborn tried calling, but it was worth nothing. “Tonight’s punishment will be tougher than all the previous ones” His eyes gleamed dangerously.

“Now it’s just the two of us, baby.” Younger Hibari gave a wide smile to the Arcobaleno.

“You mean three.” The other one corrected him.

“You are too weak to even count.”

“Want me to show you who is weak?”

“If you kill me you will stop existing. Who is the idiot now?”

“In any case…” Reborn turned to both Hibaris, interrupting their quarrel. “Older Hibari, how did you end up here?”

“…Irie.” He simply said, continuing after a pause. “He said that he wanted my help to test something. It ended up being a new way to allow time travel without the need to switch with our younger counterparts.”

As the teen heard it, he attempted to hit the other once again instead of admitting his defeat, which earned him a pair of tonfas being confiscated.

“Stop.” The older man said seriously, giving a soft smile when he realized that it actually was effective.

“And how long are you staying?” The baby asked, hopping on his shoulder.

“Ten minutes, is what he said. If it exceeds that time I’ll bite him to death when I return. Meanwhile… ” He carefully took Reborn in his arms and held him, pressing him tightly against his own body. “…let’s enjoy our time toge— AGH!”

The kick that he got was so strong that made him fall back on the floor.

“Don’t overdo it, older Hibari.” The baby said, brushing the dust off his suit.

“Th-that’s why I like you, baby.” He said, but then pointed at his other self, who was grinning. “Stop laughing, Kyouya. Don’t forget that I’m still you.”

“Whatever” Was the answer that he got. “Get away from the baby from this era. He is mine.”

The young Cloud Guardian moved to defend Reborn with his own body, but the only thing that he got in return was a good kick to the shin, leaving him in a thousand years of pain.

“Bite you to….ugh….” He held his leg while Reborn happily walked past him.

“You shouldn’t overdo it either. I’m still the strongest, whichever era it is.” The Arcobaleno announced proudly.

“Look at the time.” The future Hibari suddenly said, standing up and moving closer to his counterpart. “I’ll be returning to the future soon.”

He moved to press a kiss against his younger self’s cheek and then smiled. It was himself anyway, so there was no reason to be cold.

“Baby, take care. And Kyouya…if you do anything wrong with yourself that will end up affecting me, I swear that I’ll bite you to death.”

And in an instant, he was gone. Reborn didn’t even have enough time to say ‘Ciao’.



“What about our date?”

“Who said anything about a date? I said ‘training’ not ‘date’. Why did you think that Tsuna was here?”


“So, now that it’s all settled, I’m going to look for him. Ciao ciao.” Reborn waved and quickly left the house.

At that moment, Hibari wished that his older self had stayed longer.
Tags: !fanfiction, character:hibari, character:reborn, character:tsuna, fandom:katekyo hitman reborn, genre:gen, genre:humor, pairing:1818, pairing:r18, rating:k+, sexuality:yaoi

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