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[Fanfiction Post Number Eight]

Author: Anna (wet )
Title: His Best Friend
Rating: K
Characters/Pairings: Hibari, Hibird; Appearances of Kusakabe, Gokudera and Yamamoto. Very very very slight 8059. You'd have to squint a lot.
Warnings: None
Summary: Hibari got along well with Hibird. But it didn't mean that he got along well with everyone else.
Made for: noodlesoother
Disclaimer: I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn! or the characters, only this story.

For a bird that was previously owned by a freak, it was a good thing to be lasting for ten years. Thinking about it, he went from being a freak’s bird to….being another freak’s bird, if Hibari could even be called that. But if anyone ever asked Hibird, he would happily chirp and answer that Master Hibari was the best.

Hibari, for one, liked to talk to Hibird more than he liked to talk to people. If anyone found him weird for that, they would be bitten to death in less than ten seconds; and if anyone dared to hurt his pet, then the ten seconds would become two.

One day, when Hibari was getting ready to leave for work he heard the familiar Namimori anthem. Hibird was arriving. As Hibari looked through the window though, he saw that his pet was carrying a cubic object that was almost larger than himself.

“Hibari, Hibari.” The animal chirped while entering through the open window and landing on Hibari’s bed.

“I brought Hidgehog, I brought Hidgehog!” It flapped its wings as Hibari moved closer, inspecting the object.

“Cloud…Hedgehog? But it was supposed to be with me.” He rummaged his pockets just to make sure, and there it was: the purple Box Weapon. So, if it never left its place then what could the box that Hibird was carrying be? The man picked up the object carefully and examined it. Red. Without a doubt, that was the Storm Guardian’s Vongola Box.

Just a few seconds after his mental conclusion, his guesses were proven right as he heard frantic knocks on his door.

“Hibariiiiiiiii you bastard! Tell your damn bird to give Uri back! Give it back!”

Instead of answering, Hibari just grinned and held the box even tighter. Soon another person’s voice could be heard from outside the room.

“Please, Gokudera-san! Don’t disturb Kyou-san!”

“But he stole my Box Weapon! Tell him to give it back! Tenth! Teeeeeeeeeeeeenth!”

“P-Please! Sawada-san is too busy at this moment. He can’t leave his office!”

“Then I’ll destroy this door and get Uri back.” Gokudera snapped, but a hand on his shoulder caught his attention. And it wasn’t Kusakabe’s.

“Hayato…let’s get going. We also have work to do.”

“But but Takeshi! How can I go anywhere without Uri?”

“Hibari is leaving soon. We can get Uri after he is gone.” Yamamoto carefully pushed a complaining Gokudera away from the door and towards the hallway, leaving a relieved Kusakabe behind.

Back in the room, Hibari sighed while rubbing his ears.

“So noisy…”

“Hibari going where? Going where?” Hibird asked, flying to perch itself on his owner’s shoulder.

“Work.” He gave a cold stare while ruffling the bird’s feathers.

“Work? Work? Stupid Tsunayoshi! Herbivore Tsunayoshi! Must be bitten to death! Bitten to death!” Hibird flapped its wings so fast that it almost flew again.

The Cloud Guardian actually smiled at those words.

“If it wasn’t so troublesome, I would.”

He stayed silent while finishing getting ready. Once he was done, he gave a last reassuring stroke on the small bird’s head and opened the door, preparing to leave.

“Well, I am going now. As for this…” He gave the box for Hibird to hold. “…give it back to Gokudera Hayato if you find him.”

Somewhere in the world, a bird could be heard singing the Namimori anthem. Somewhere in the world, a Hibari Kyouya could be seen wondering if birds were really colorblind.
Tags: !fanfiction, character:gokudera, character:hibari, character:hibird, character:kusakabe, character:yamamoto, fandom:katekyo hitman reborn, genre:gen, rating:k

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